Our systems come with real-time control.
Primary clarifier line DAXTROSED®
Last generation biological treatment system.
Our systems totally respect the environment.
Daxtro Energy, clean energy and perpetual.
High-pressure water jet cutting line DAXTRO-JET and Plasma cutting line DAXTRO-PLAX.
Daxtro Technology improves the productivity of the industry.
Daxtro Waters
Daxtro Technology
Daxtro Energy


“Swiss made”, reliable, precise and “JUST IN TIME.”

Daxtro Swiss International Engineering Company S.A.R.L.®, our headquarters is located in Ticino, Switzerland, is a company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, distributing and installing products relating to the environmental sector. We have three divisions:

DAXTRO WATERS: Specialized in the field of water purification at any level (waste water treatment for municipalities and industries; also have desalination plants, filtration and drinking water systems).

DAXTRO ENERGY: Leader in the field of renewable energy generation (Photovoltaic plants & Eolic systems).

DAXTRO TECHNOLOGY: Promotes and commercialize high-tech products for Industrial Applications.

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“To improve the quality of life for mankind is vital to maintain a healthy ecosystem.”


  • Daxtro Waters

    Daxtro Waters has the mission to purify the contaminated water produced by industrial processes or caused by the everyday life of human beings. Daxtro Waters has the technology and the know how to satisfy each phase for the water purification.


Pre-separation systems are indispensable in any kind of waste water treatment, because it helps to ensure optimal performance for the whole plant, allowing the solids retention (depend of the cases, also sand) that may become damaged the operation for electromechanical equipment installed in the next stages. Therefore, it system will drastically reduce the preventive and/or corrective maintenance operation, increasing the lifetime of the plant.

We have pre-separation manual systems (grids) and fully automatic. Are easily adaptable to any channel, water well, tank or shape. We have a range of more than ten types of pre separation systems technologies with same spacing from 0.25 to 40 mm depending on the customer’s needs.

Our sand trap systems have circular shape unlike a traditional rectangular shape, this improvement in the design allow us to minimize space requirements and provides high performance for sand removal from the liquid.



Daxtro Waters designs and produces two type of lines for primary treatment, the primary clarifiers line DAXTROSED® and the flotation systems line DAXTROFLOT®, both have completely different features but can be used in the same application. As we collaborate with different companies around the world, each country has its own regulation for building waste water treatment plants, where some regulatory organization allow only to use one of these technologies; this concept allows us to meet the local needs.


Daxtro Water is a company that design and produce the line known as DAXT-SBR® which consist in a last generation biological treatment system, based on the concept of “Sequencing batch reactor”.

Is applied when the quality of the effluent at the output of the system must meet with the all most exigent regulations around the world. With our systems we can reach easily performance at upon 95% in the reduction of BOD5 (Biologic Oxygen Demand) COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and others parameters in a reduced space.

One benefits of DAXT-SBR® system is that all operations are carried out in the same reactor tank, which results in a considerable reduction of space, rather than the classical activated sludge system that require additional enclosures or tanks to perform necessary tasks; significantly increased the plant’s size.

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  • Daxtro Energy

    Daxtro energy was created with the idea to satisfy the needs of the humankind regarding to the renewable energy generation, we have the latest generation techniques in this field, providing to our clients with high-level knowledge and latest generation technology.


We develop photovoltaic plants according to customer needs, which are able to satisfy to our clients, in the municipal or industrial application.

Our systems totally respect the environment and preserve it for future generations, this systems provide a low cost source of energy and specially clean and perpetual.

Our plants convert the sunlight directly  into electricity in a clean and efficiently way, these do not produce CO2 emissions, thus contribute to the improving our environment.

We build adaptable and complete modular plants, besides we perform turnkey projects. We have a complete infrastructure to offer our customers a maximum control over each stage of the project.

The photovoltaic panels can be adapted to any type of surface, as roof of houses, offices and industries. As well as to free superficie areas for machines, such is the case of our waste water treatment systems (DAXTROFLOT UNITS DPP).




The wind plant has the function of transform wind energy into electricity through a rotating system composite by wind turbines; are capable to convert rotational force into energy.

Our systems have the capacity to produce electrical power in a range of 1 to 200 kW. These machines can be used to produce electricity for individual users or groups connected to low voltage or even isolated from the main networks.

Some advantages of our systems:

  • This type of energy have low production costs and is thus more profitable than other sources of energy production.
  •  Other advantage of wind energy is that it is a clean energy; to produce it is not necessary the combustion process. It is a clean process that does not harm the atmosphere, wildlife, vegetation and avoid the ground-water contamination.
  • The windmills can be installed in remote areas, not connected to the main power line, in order to get their own supply.
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  • Daxtro Technology

    Daxtro Technology has the mission to provide next-generation system for our customers, which can help them to improve their productivity. Besides, we possess unconventional machinery designed to very specific applications.

High-pressure water jet cutting line DAXTRO-JET

We offer high-pressure water jet cutting machines line DAXTRO-JET, used to provide a versatile cutting process applied for a variety of materials. Our machines allow to our customer obtain a precise cut in any direction or angle, obtaining any desired shape in 2 or 3 dimensions.

The accuracy of our machines allow to us obtain a high quality piece (s), high productivity and uptime with lower operating costs.

One of the greatest benefits of water jet cutting is that does not generate heat during the cutting process, in that way the material not suffer any deformation due to temperature rise, resulting that the final cut piece does not require further corrections.

Our machines works with CNC (Computer Numerical Control), the control interface of the user has been developed for a simple and intuitive interaction between the user and the control panel, in addition also contains an integrated system for CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM “Computer Aided Manufacturing”.


Plasma cutting line DAXTRO-PLAX


We offer the plasma cutting line DAXTRO-PLAX, perform cutting for any metallic material (conductive), especially stainless and structural steel, as well as non-ferrous metals of different thicknesses.

The DAXTRO-PLAX machines allow to obtain high-speed cutting, reducing to minimal the deformation produced by effects of the temperature during the cutting process. Our machine are designed to cut materials with different thicknesses, in the range of 0.5 – 180 mm.

Our machines works with CNC (Computer Numerical Control), the control interface of the user has been developed for a simple and intuitive interaction between the user and the control panel, in addition also contains an integrated system for CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM “Computer Aided Manufacturing”.

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DAXTRO, experience and professionalism.

We have over 15 years of experience in this field, besides we have highly qualified staff of engineers, they come from different countries. This feature gives us a clear and accurate picture of the reality for each their respective geographic areas.

Our speciality is to provide complete and personalized solutions for each of our clients. All our solutions are certified with the Label “SWISS MADE” (made in Switzerland), reliable, precise and mainly meeting the agreed terms in special “JUST IN TIME”.

Our philosophy: “To improve the quality of life for mankind is vital to maintain a healthy ecosystem”.

Daxtro Swiss International Engineering Company S.A.R.L® arises by unifying the best human resources and the advanced technology application in the Environmental Field.

As a result, we offer products and services that contribute to the partial or total reduction of pollution from industrial and municipal processes, contributing to the improvement of the ecosystem and the quality of life of the population.


“Daxtro provide improvements and adequate solutions in accordance to the reality of each of our clients.”


With our highly qualified experts, we can offer the most advanced techniques for project management and implementation, since it involves the design and models application using software and advanced technology solutions which can help our customers take advantage of the latest technologies (modern science) to resolve their technical issues. All the projects undertaken by Daxtro Swiss International Engineering Company S.A.R.L® meet current regulations in each country, with a capable team ready to meet the needs of our customers in different languages. Our philosophy is to provide solutions in the right place at the right time.


Our engineers and architects are responsible for the design, calculation of the structural part to our buildings and other civil works (buildings, tanks, walls, dams, canals, etc.).

Our purpose is to achieve an appropriate structure from the point of view of the strength of materials without interfering with high costs and making them part of the environment; they also must have a stylish and functional finishing.

All our projects meet with the current regulations in each country, with a cast capable of meeting the needs of our customers in different languages.


Our team can perform diagnostic visits for systems and industrial machines and/or municipal (existent), allowing to us identify the present problems, hence we provide improvements and adequate solutions in accordance to the reality of each of our clients.

We carry out any work on industrial machines, within the field of water treatment and power generation.

We are capable of performing maintenance or correction operations, additionally we offer system adaptations, thereby improving the existing systems.

  • Our philosophy is provide the right solution at the right time and the right place.

  • We have a fully equipped workshop, allowing us to guarantee our customers high quality production for our machines.

  • We have our line for original and generic spare parts replacement, which one can be adapted to any existing machine; these parts are designed for any of the products and systems that correspond to our divisions (DAXTRO WATERS, DAXTRO ENERGY and DAXTRO TECHNOLOGY).

Ing. Jaime Agramontt CTO "Chief Technical Officer"
"Our customers are always satisfied to meet all their expectations
with milimetrically accuracy and especially

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water‬" (W.H. Auden).

Daxtro Waters has the mission to purify the contaminated water produced
by industrial processes or caused by the everyday life of human beings.


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